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Blog Posts

Lawyers: Master Blogging With These 6 Helpful Tips

6 Blogging Tips for Lawyers

February 15, 2015

Blogging is an area of internet marketing that’s easy to start, but much harder to be good at. While any attorney can start a blog, it’s the ones that know how to effectively attract, engage, and convert readers that acquire a significant return on investment. Are you familiar with blogging and do you know how […]

Real Estate Blog

Why You Need a Real Estate Blog

January 30, 2015

A real estate blog is an essential marketing tool for any real estate business. It gives you the platform to talk about the area you cover including local happenings, special events and other specific items that will attract people to the area to buy property from you. You can position yourself as an expert on […]


Guest Blogging is About Much More Than a Higher Page Rank

January 14, 2015

For any writer or website owner trying to make a name for themselves online, the importance of guest blogging cannot be overlooked.  Many people look at blogger outreach as a way to get links from a high page rank site, however, this should not be the only consideration that you look for.  A site that […]

Blog Simplicity

5 Ways to Keep with the New Trend of Simplicity for Your Blog

December 28, 2014

Many blog developers are moving design ideas to become more simplistic in nature. Not only will this help keep the content of your site from seeming cluttered, but it’s an optimization technique for mobile devices. As smartphones and tablets become more prevalent in the world, easy to navigate and simple designs are growing in number. […]

Hacker Attack

4 Times to Blog About Business Security

November 14, 2014

Here’s a conundrum: Should you be posting about the security measures your business is taking, or is that cluing in criminals about potential weak spots. The answer is it depends both on just how strong your security is and your goals for sharing that information. There are many major businesses that challenge white hat hackers […]

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